Plate Boundery Tours

By: Anjali Polley

San Andreas Falt

It is approxamatly 1,489.8 mi and will take about 4.5 hours. This is a n example of a transform plate boundery. There isnt much around the San andreas fault, just desert. There are earthquakes every couple of decades. It was the first official site for earthquake prediction.The most recent earthquake hit in 2004.

Appalation Mountians

1,454.2 mi about 4 hours by plane. The Appalation mountains are an example of converging plate bounderies. The appalation mountian border the original 13 colonies. If you are up for traveling a few hours by car, you can go see some historical sites. There have been minor earthquakes since 2011.

East Africa Rift Valley

8,386 mi about 24 hours to fly to Ethipoia. This land form is an example of divergent plate bounderies. The valley is bordered by some of the biggest fresh water lakes in africa.

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How to read the map

A topographic map is a map of the elevation in areas. On the map there will be a key called Contour intervals. This is the amount of elevation between each line.