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Week beginning 16.9.13

Year 6 Safe Searching

This week the Year 6 children have been exploring safe searching. I am encouraging them to use Kidrex a great search tool from Google aimed at children. As with all search engines it will not be 100% safe but it would be great if parents as well as teachers could add this to their desktops and encourage the children to use it.
The hits from Kidrex are more child orientated and are often easier to read that other Google searches.

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More changes this week. Our acoustic ceiling in now almost complete and the amphitheatre curtain is up. Our lovely new tablet computers are out of their boxes and the children have loved using them. Some new books have started to appear on the shelves, just in time for the Battle of the Books club which starts next Wednesday and our Year 1s have borrowed their first Learning Centre book.
The children are making good use of the Learning Centre at break and lunch with reading and chess being the most popular past times. Don't forget to pop in and see us if you haven't already, we guarantee you will love it.
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