Mr. Hall's Final Newsletter!

PE & Health

Mr Hall Has Completed His Long-Term Position as the PE and Health subsitute

I'm pleased and understandably sad to announce that I have completed my short-term position as the PE and Health teacher. Barbara Larvey has returned and the program has shifted to her enthusiastic and very capable hands! I had a blast being in the role! I've accepted a position as the Building Substitute at North Hero, so I'll be staying on for the rest of the year. I'm looking forward to strengthening the relationships I cultivated in the first part of the year. This is a great school to be a part of!

Physical Education Areas of Study

For K-2 PE we continued to focus on hitting a ball with a raquete to help develop hand-eye coordination. We also continued to develop underhand and overhand throwing through various drills and games (BattleShip/ LIfeboat). At times I combined Pre-K and Kindergarten so that the Kindergarten students could mentor gym activities for Pre-K and so that more games could be played.

For grades 3-6, we moved on from Soccer and completed a unit on Spikeball. Afterwards we began a unit on Volleyball as the cold weather set in. We began with drills on bumping, and setting, and progressed to serving. I gave students plenty of instruction time and practice before we began moving on to games. I left Barbara with them still having half of class for drills, and half for games.

We also continued progressing with our times for our cardio/ jogging warm ups. For grades, 3-6 we worked our way up to 10 minute cardio warm ups with simple jogging or fast paced walking. I ran with them! I saw just about every student progress with their times and endurance. For K-2 we started with one song, but progressed up to a 5 minute warm up. They loved it!

Some Photos from the field trip to my gym!

Topics Of Study In Health

For Kindergarten through 2nd grade we studied a variety of subjects. We studied hand washing, teeth brushing, bullying, understanding emotions of the self and emotions of others, fire safety, avoiding strangers, winter safety and bicycle safety.

For grades 3-6 we studied peer pressure, managing stress, managing anger, how to cope with anxiety, benefits of cardio exercise leading up to the gym field trip, benefits of music, winter safety, and skiing safety.