The Bully

By:Paul Langan


A kid named Darrel Mercer was walking with is friend malik for the last time.You see Darrel was about to move to California becuase his mom was going to get a new job there. Darrel was going to miss Malik because Malik always protected him when some one tried to bully him.Before they left for the very last time Malik bought himself and Darrel a cheesesteak.Then Darrel struggled him self back home.When they left to California Darrel went one the bus and left Philly, he wanted to cry but he didn't,he was wondering if they were going to bully him like thay did when he went on a campig trip.A kid named Jermaine he always totured Darrel and bullied him.When he got to California he saw his uncle Jason he was thinking about what he was going to say when he saw Darrel.When is uncle Jason saw him he didn't say anything he just greeted him.When they got in the car they started to drive when they got pas Darrels new school "Bluford High" his uncle Jason told him thats were he was going to go.When they got home Darrel saw a little kid run toward uncle Jason,it was his cousin's Travis and Nate.Darrel's mom asked him to go to the store to pick up some groceries,when Darrel got to the grocery store he saw a girl he was talking to her,her name was Amberlynn.When he got out of the store and was ready to go home he saw a few guys they all came up to hime a big one named Tyray grabed him him by the coller of his shirt and asked hif Darrel had money and Darrel said "no" so Tyray pulled a pocket knife out and punched a hole throuh the bag and oranges fell out. When they did Tyray and his fiend Rodney steped on the oranges and mushed them.The next day it was Darrel's first day at bluford high.Tyray kept on bullying Darrel, that he needed to pay Tyray ten Dollers every Friday.ONe day Darrel embarresed Amberlynn and Darrel thought she hated him.she didn't talk to him because she thought that he hated her.But after speaking with one of Amberlynn's friends he knew she didn't hate him,she invired him to the dance and Darrel said yes.When he went to the dance he didn't pay tyray the ten dollers he owed him.When he saw Amberlynn and invited her to dance and she siad yes.But then he saw tyray and he went to the bathroom and Tyray and Rodney went in and grabed him by the coller and tyray asked him for double the money so Darrel paid him twenty dollers,and threw him in the trash,so he ran all the way home.after going to his practices of wrestling he went back to school. when he was at lunch Darrel dropped something and tyray and is freinds started to laugh and Darrel siad 'shut up tyray' and tyray and Darrel won ,after that he went to the office he told the principal everthing and tyray got suspended for two days and Darrel lived happily.
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About the author{Pual Lagan}

Paul Langan was born the year of 1972 in Philadelphia .He spent his early childhood in the area of Philadelphia before moving to live in New Jersey with his mother . Before becoming an author Paul was an salesperson and an attendant at an horse ranch .In 1991 he enrolled into Camden College but he later transferred to La Salle University .After years of contributing to other author's books he decided to venture off and write own books . He also was an editor of the series Bluford and the co-author of five of the ten novels as follow The Bully, The Gun, Summer of Secrets, Brothers in Arms, and Blood Is Thicker. His stories reflect his personal experiences of his life , from the difficulties of growing up without a father and the many challenges students still face today . Overall his books are very inspirational about life in so many ways and almost everyone can relate to them in some form