Who Are You...Really?

You never really know who you're talking to online.

You think you're talking to a fellow freshman at your high school

What you didn't know was they were fishing to see where you attend school, your approximate age, and possibly the neighborhood in which you live.

Did you share common activities?

I love band! So do I! My section, trumpet, is the best in the band!

Great. Now you made it even easier for the person to find you. They know you're in the band and can easily look up your practice schedule on the band's website.

Posted pics too?

While the picture you posted shows exactly what you look like plus the new car you are so proud of, the one the other person used was a fake.

Know Before You Share

Before you trust anyone online be positive you know who they are. Ask invasive questions such as "Did you also have Mrs. Newman for Science in 8th grade at Truman Middle School?" Hopefully the answer will be "There is no Mrs. Newman at Truman Middle School" because that person doesn't exist! Need help? Ask a parent or a teacher to help reveal the true identity of your new online friend.