Kayla and Angie

Why do People Commit Suicide?

One of the main reasons people commit suicide is because they are depressed. Existence often becomes to painful for severely depressed people to bear, so they become hopeless.

Another reason is the person might be calling out for help and doesn't have any other way to get it. These people usually don't want to die. They want the people around them to know something is seriously wrong. So they choose methods that they don't think will kill them.

Everybody is a Somebody

Suicidal Prevention

You need to pay attention to your loved ones. If suicidal behaviors occur, you need to reach out to them. Listen to what they have to say and take it very seriously. Talk openly to them about suicidal thoughts. Also relate them to your own experiences.

You not only have to pay attention to your loved ones, there are also people out there who may not have that support. Make a difference and talk to someone you may not know who seems angry, sad or even lonely. Try and make their sad day into the complete opposite. Showing you care can save so many lives.

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