6th Grade News

Central Middle School

It's Testing Time Again!

6th grade students at Central will be taking their Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests next Thursday and Friday. Language Arts will be Thursday and Math will be Friday. Please be sure to get your student to school on time those mornings! If you have volunteered to help monitor tests next week, we thank you! Your assistance is invaluable.

Testing 101

How to help your student on the test...

There are many things that you can do from home to help your student do their best on the OCCT! Start with plenty of rest!. Not just the night before, but each night next week encourage your student to get to bed at a decent time. Make sure that your student has something to eat before school each day. Preferably not heavy sugars as that will leave them really tired mid-morning! Some protein and whole grains for long lasting energy would be the perfect way to start the day. Lastly, please don't let your student get too stressed! Tests are a part of what we do, but they are only one way to determine what our children know! Your kids are ready and we want them to feel as calm and relaxed as possible.