Environmental Study Project

Jeilanys Fabian,Period 3,Ms.kibbey

The Map

Where I live is Orlando,Fl I visit a lot of places like the Florida Mall,Publix,Sam's Club,Walmart places like that to go food shopping and clothes shopping.I attend Liberty middle school.Home of the patriots.I live in Ashley place apartments.

The Weather

The weather in florida is nice.What i mean by nice i mean warm and sunny.Sometimes rain for a little while then the sun comes back up.In the winter it doesn't snow over here in florida but it does get cold.The activities we do over here is when its is sunny we go to the beach!When it rains we stay inside because the rain its hard and we can’t go out and play.The rainfall totals are 50.7 inches and 1289 millimeters.The temperature in orlando

The Natural Disasters

The natural disasters in orlando are thunderstorms lightning,flood,hurricane,drought,and extreme hot.Here are some examples of all the natural disaster.The past 30 years lightning has killed normally 66 people.About 25 million hit every year.Sometimes even lightning can cause destructions to homes,With trees lightning hit it starts fire.


My culture is puertorican and domincan.My community is mostly hispanic.But where i come from is amazing our food is delicous.We eat rice and beans and porkchops,rice and chicken mixed togther,and in domican republic is mangu and salmi,and my favorite rice with bacon and corn.In my community the neighbors are freindly.


The wildlife in orlando is fascinating.The most common animal you might see here is a alligator.We have airboats to take you to see them.The manatees are the endangered species in florida.In florida the are alot of attractions of alligators like gatorland,congo river,and gator airboats.


One of the popular pastime The National Pastime Bar And Grill.They keep the community clean.They also bring bags for the dog’s to their business.It is a very nice community to live in,It is very quiet at night,they neighbors and they people who live around are very nice.In orlando there is alot of nice housing.In orlando ther are some porgrams for helping the community for example here is one The Neighborhood Stablization Program is it in with Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer’s Stregthen Orlando plan.This program helps other house propertis to redevolp.

Overall reflection

In my community there are some nice people and some mean people.What i dislike about my community is that there are some people who would talk bad about you.I like my community because some of my friends from pre-k live there still.They are alot of squirrels and there are some trees outside of the patio, that has grey things hanging down i would take and then and pretend it was a scarf.