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Alright Y'all...WHO TURNED UP THE HEAT?!

Goodness it's hot out here! At we head into Week #5 we are looking at more TRIPLE digit numbers. Remember, when you come to school each day, you need WATER! Be sure to stay hydrated, especially during lunch and PE. Also, our dress codes DOES apply. Be sure to press accordingly (light colors, shorts, etc.), but also appropriately (no crop tops, no under garments showing).

Couple of reminders for this week:

  1. Homeroom starts on Wednesday. Please check your schedule after school on Tuesday to see who your homeroom teacher is. You may NOT request a homeroom teacher, sorry! If you get a teacher that you do not currently have, please email kkemmer@cnusd.k12.ca.us ASAP.
  2. IDs must be worn everyday. You are all doing AMAZING with remembering your IDs everyday. We thank you for helping us keep our campus safe.
  3. Community Center is NOT an approved drop off/pick up. If you choose to spend your afternoons and/or mornings at the community center, please understand that this is NOT a supervised location. You are doing so at your own risk!

Saturday Catch Up- SIGN UP!

Want to participate in the first Saturday Catch-Up of the year?

Saturday Catch-Up is from 8-12. If you sign up to attend, you must come the entire 4 hours. During this time, you can work on missing/incomplete assignments for most of your classes. Often, a teacher will only accept a missing assignment for full credit, after a Saturday Catch-Up is attended. We will have teachers available to help you as needed.

All students must be picked up NO LATER than 12PM.

Interested? SIGN UP HERE

Have you joined a club yet??

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Check out pictures from the WELCOME DANCE!

Kemmer-isms...words of wisdom from your Dean

This past week we are beginning to see a surge of Instagram accounts pop up that use the ARIS name and logo. Whereas, I LOVE the fact you want to embrace our school representation, I also want to encourage you to do so appropriately.

Instagram accounts that use the school name and logo to harass, bully, embarrass, or name call fellow students will not be tolerated. Consequences could range from placement on the No Go list or suspension. We ask for your partnership in identified these sites, as you NOT to follow, and NOT to send DMs to post. Remember, the theme this year is all about kindness. One way I challenge you to be more kind, is through your social media presence. Remember, what you post online is never really gone. It can be traced back to you for years to come.

According to a Kaplan survey in 2019, 36% of colleges admitted to checking an applicants social media to learn more about them and determine admissions. Now, I know you are thinking that college is a long way away. But, do you really want to risk it? ...I know I wouldn't.


Check out Daniel Ho!

Daniel competed in the Jr. Pan American Championships for Karate. He scored 7th place overall.

Thanks for representing Team USA proud! When you see Daniel on campus, be sure to congratulate him!

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