Stronger by the Week

May 1, 2015

We're striving for excellence, communicating honestly with each other is the only way for us to improve!

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Humor at Work - Does Your Job Make You Dance?

Business Development & Operations

  • Pricing submitted for large utility contract
  • Awarded additional compressor station for Regency
  • Gas Analysis for Cimarex has started
  • Jared Franke first full week to visit in the field
  • Submitted 3 PWL bids
  • Continued estimating

Looking Ahead

  • Bird of Prey will begin next week

Strong People & Strong Support

  • Welcome to our 3 new hires this week, excited to have you join the Strong team!
  • Improving communication between offices
  • All billing caught up!
  • Sarah worked on Prioritizing processes

Looking Ahead

  • Nikki to train Kathryn & Sarah for Onboarding & Hiring assistance
  • Looking for SVC Tech & SVC Helper
  • Watch our Facebook page for open positions-perfect way to get that referral bonus!
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Stronger Together: Company-wide Info

  • Sage training for Operations/Project Managers
  • Work for another PEC district
  • Office Staff settling in with additional job responsibilities

Strength Training & Safety

Safety Tip: Razor knife safety: Cut away from your body, Keep blade sharp to reduce pressure


  • Attended Devon Safety Stand Down meeting
  • Reviewed/trained on New Hire Safety Overview
  • Performing Safety Inspections
  • Rubber gloves in for testing

Looking Ahead

  • Revise Accident/Incident Reporting Process
  • Adding to vehicle agreement
  • Safety Budget meeting
  • Ordering hard hat suspension systems to recycle old hats

FAD: Fixed Assets Department

  • Gas analysis prep
  • 1st CDL test passed by: Mark Horner (picture above)
  • Clean up/organization of Monahans & Midland yards
  • Sent out stocked material trailers
  • 2 Projects added to Directions Report: Bird of Prey & Saulsbury Industries

Looking Ahead

  • Rack to be sent out for upcoming Bird of Prey project

Still looking for: Trailer Mounted BBQ Pit

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To be the most client-focused Electrical Construction Company in America through professional management.


To be the preferred Electrical Construction Company based on client satisfaction