Mitten Crab

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  • The scientific name is Eriocheir Sinensis, but the common name is the Chinese Mitten Crab.

  • The Chinese Mitten crab is an Aquatic species, and it is a animal.

  • Mitten Crabs are medium sized crabs, with hairy mitten like claws. They have a notch between their eyes, and our lateral spines found on each side of the carapace. Their colors vary to brownish - orange to greenish - brown.


  • Cause damage to dikes, levees, stream banks, and increase erosion which can cause weakening or collapse of flood control and water supply systems

Native Country and Where it occurs.

  • Mitten Crabs are native to China's, and South Korea's coastal rivers.

  • In California, New York, Maryland, and Oregon.

How it spread? How did it get into the US?

Transport of larvae and small crabs in ship ballast water, adult crabs clinging to ship hulls and barges. Was reported in San Francisco Estuary in 1992.

What are some ways its population might be controlled?

Trapping, trawling, erecting physical barriers, and capture through bounty systems.