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Why should Chinese Immigrants come to America?

By: Kaniya Roberson & Tafari Hogarth

Why are they leaving from their homeland?

Several factors are playing into the brain drain, including “political reform, infrastructure improvements, pollution, and education," according to the immigration study. But the single biggest motivation for 80 percent of emigrees: to find a better education for their children.
"For their part, many Chinese have put the United States on a pedestal, envisioning a place with better schools, cleaner air and more charismatic leaders. And they are making plans to emigrate here."
"According to the study, the two main factors that have contributed to America’s popularity for higher education are a burgeoning Chinese middle class and a widespread belief among Chinese parents that U.S. colleges and universities are among the world’s finest."

China's students are becoming a big factor in US colleges — according to one figure, 157,588 Chinese nationals studied in U.S. colleges in 2011, a 23% increase from the year before, and parents are apparently willing to spend big — one couple from Hong Kong are suing a former Harvard professor who they paid $2 million to get him into the school (he apparently failed). Perhaps the most incredible figure is that some 90% of China's mega-rich want their children to study in the US, according to one recent study.

Chinese Immigrants In America