by Alexis Bufis

What is MobileClimb?

We as a company want to be able to give you an amazing experience on Mount Everest. We made this website to tell you many things that YOU need to know as a future mountaineer, including gear, information about mount Everest, the stages of the mountain and extra information.

Details on Mt Everest

  • tallest mountain in the world.
    • 6 different parts of the mountain.

    • glaciers shaped mount Everest.

    • temperatures can go from 0 to -60 degrees Celsius.

    • elevation is 29,035ft.

    • small window of time where its safe enough to climb.

    • could be avalanches, crevices and major storms.

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What do you need for this climb?

  • backpack to hold everything.

  • hiking boots.

  • warm, insulated clothing to stay warm on the climb.

  • gloves, hats, goggles.

  • ice ax and equipment to hook up to the mountain.
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Stages of the mountain!

  • base camp- where people originally stay.

  • ice fall- ice can fall at any moment on top of you.

  • camp 1 valley of silence- a vast flat area.

  • camp 2- last rocky patch where you can see the view.

  • camp 3- Lhotse wall- area with icy slopes.

  • camp 4 the death zone- an area that you can only be at for a while because there is barely any air.

  • the summit- the top of the peak where you can see the whole view.
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Other information?

  • being able to climb takes a lot of skill you need to train for.

  • 66,000$ cost.

  • Must deposit 20,000 before hand.

  • 74 day trip.

  • Sherpa assist you as you climb.

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