Fourth Grade Newsletter

Welcome Back to School


There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 7th.

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On Monday, we visited the library for the first time this year. Our fourth graders were excited to pick out new books. They can use these books to complete reading every night. Please help your child remember to read each night and record in their reading log. This is a tool we use to monitor the students’ reading volume and to make sure they are reading “Just Right Books.” The number one best way to get better at reading is to spend time reading, so please support your child at home.

This week we will continue working on procedures for our Reading Workshop so that time is productive and meaningful. We will discuss our reading preferences, strategies to use when reading doesn’t make sense, and strategies for conquering difficult words. Students will also be assigned reading partners to support their discussions about the books they are reading.


We will continue working on building expectations for the Writer’s Workshop. We will talk about strategies to use when we need assistance with our writing, how to participate in a writing conference, and how we can support each other in partnerships. Students will use territory maps to generate ideas for writing and will select a seed idea for drafting.

Social Studies

We will begin our study of Texas. We will study the four regions of Texas and examine how the land of this state shapes our resources, jobs and life experiences.

Check out the link for an overview of the Regions of Texas


Your student is learning to read and write numbers through one billion using expanded notation and numerals. He or she will also learn to order whole numbers, and to compare them. These skills require an understanding of place value - the idea that the value of a digit depends on its place in a number. For example, in the number 768,804 the 6 is in the ten thousands place and its value is 60,000. Be on the lookout for multi-digit numbers in newspapers, magazines, or on television. Practice reading numbers with your child, and help them identify place value.


This week in science students will be learning about matter and its physical properties. Physical properties are characteristics we can observe about matter using our five senses. Have your child describe items around the home using physical properties such as: color, shape, size, texture, and even state of matter.