Staying Connected

Report Cards- To Be Emailed on Tuesday

Woodland School has teaching, learning and assessment that is standards-based. During the course of a school year, students have many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding on skills and concepts, with strong feedback from teachers on their work, in one on one conferring time, as well as discussions in class.

With remote teaching and learning, there was a continued commitment to standards-based teaching and learning with a lens on the Department of Secondary and Elementary (DESE) content standards, as well as more finely tuned essential learning content standards at each grade level.

Assessment of remote learning involved “check-ins” and varied formative assessments and activities to provide both academic and social-emotional support. Teachers continued to provide feedback on the learning opportunities that closely aligned with content standards. That stated, the end-of-the-year report card will not assess whether your child has met standards during this remote learning period, but will indicate their participation during remote learning.

Teacher/student interactions that are so much a part of your child’s learning are also vital to assessing progress in both a reliable and valid manner. We simply cannot fully replicate all that occurs in the classroom through remote learning. Therefore, your child’s progress up to March 13th will serve as the baseline for progress on the end-of-year reporting. Importantly, this “baseline” will inform our work with your child for the upcoming year.

The report card will include an indicator of your child’s overall efforts on teacher assigned work during the closure period and will additionally help inform our work when we return. The indicators for teacher developed lessons/activities are as follows:

  • Progressing Toward Grade Level Standards: Student participated in lessons/activities and demonstrated understanding during the remote learning period.

  • Not Yet Assessed: Student did not participate in lessons/activities during the remote learning period or the standard was not addressed.

Access to Programs During the Summer

Lexia, i-Ready and the Accelerated Reading programs will all be available for student use during the summer.

Transportation Forms

Transportation Forms were to be completed for all students by June 19, 2020. While we don’t yet know what the start of school will look like in the fall, it is more important than ever that an annual transportation form be completed for every student. With before and after school care up in the air right now, it is recommended to complete the form using your home address and then changes can be made when more information is provided. This year we have made the form available for submission on our website.

Parents and guardians, please visit the District website: to complete one form for each of your students, regardless of whether or not they use District transportation. This information is important for accurate routing and placement of students on school buses.

Go to District website, and scroll down and click the link under NEWS for 2020/2021 Transportation Forms.