Urine Detox

Doing a Urine Detox for a Cleaner and Healthier Body


Gone are the days when urine detox is only considered by people who are looking for a way to pass an impending drug test. Because of its other health benefits, urine detoxification is also being done by people who want to get rid of the unnecessary and harmful chemicals that they have ingested both knowingly and unknowingly.

  • Can you ingest harmful chemicals unknowingly?

In a study conducted by researchers at University of California-Berkeley's School of Public Health, 32 popular lipstick and lip gloss brands sold products with high and potentially toxic levels of cadmium, lead and seven other chemicals. Women who use these products ingest these chemicals unknowingly every time they use their lip products. Toys containing lead is also causing alarm as well as other beauty products that contain other harmful chemicals.

  • Prevention is better than cure

Instead of waiting for these chemicals to show up in laboratory tests, it is best to nip the problem in the butt. By doing regular urine detox, chemical buildup in the body is prevented. This means that the toxins will be flushed out of your system long before they can produce debilitating and deadly medical conditions which are sometimes un-treatable. This is why buying a urine detoxification program or product is recommended for everyone.