If I Stay

By Josie LaMaster


The setting of if I stay takes place in all kinds of different places like: at first the setting is in there home and at school, but towards the end it is in the hospital.


There is a number of characters in this story: the main characters are a girl named Mia she plates the cello and her boyfrind Adam. The other characters are her brother teddy, her mom, Gand, gram, her dad and her best friend Kim.


The plot of If I Stay is the car crash, because it is the main event that leads to the rest of the story, the down ward spiral.


The theme of the story is very simple it is showing us a vivid picture of Mia's memories while she is in the comatose state after the crash. It is showing us Mia's life if when she met Adam, her happy memories and giving her different reasons to stay.


Big picture