Visable Light

Tommy Lambert Period 3

Description of wave

Visible light is a form of an electromagnetic radiation, and visible light is the light that can be seen by most human eyes. the wavelength separates into the colors of the rainbow because each color has a different wavelength starting with violet having the shortest wavelength of 380 nanometers but the highest frequency and red having the longest wave length at 700 nanometers but the lowest frequency.

Applocations of Visable Light

All things that automatically come to mind when you think of light is a visible light but visible light comes in many sources and colors some examples of visible light are a television, computer screens, and even fire works.

Heaalth Impacts of Visable Light

Some light can be so instance that it can damage the receptor cells in your eyes and cause temporary or permanent blindness. high powered lasers could cause burns on skin when exposed to the lasers. visible light also helps us see when it is dark with a flashlight or a candle.


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Visible Spectrum of Light


This video describes to you what a visible light is and how one it travels from outside of the atmosphere to the earth.