Roller Coaster 2.0

How I perceive this should be done now vs yesterday

Let's Clarify.....

I'm not mad. I'm not trying to be rude or smart or pert. I just want to explain why I got upset, and what my issues with this assignment were.

I obviously understand the material this smore was supposed to be over. I had a 99 average in your class until this smore grade went in. I pay attention in class-I don't usually look at you while you're lecturing because I'm awful with words. The only way I can comprehend words properly and remember them is to close my eyes and give listening my whole attention. I do best to understand things when I read them and take notes over my reading. That's why I excel at history-even if your teacher loves lecturing the majority of the information can be learned from reading.

I need to read to comprehend fully, that's why I wanted a rubric at the beginning of the assignment. I feel confident in saying that if I had been shown an example of a "100 smore" or been given a rubric prior to making the smore I would of scored higher.

I apologize for walking out after school, I felt like you weren't listening to what I had to say. I felt like you thought your instructions were clear as day but I found them clear as mud.

I don't agree with the concept of building a grade up and not knowing how much each part is worth, or how many parts there are, or what all the parts are. I realize my opinions don't matter, but I need to communicate to you how I feel.

I got so flustered during class not because you "yelled" at me during class. You were stern, which I appreciate. I tend to be willy, but I only get willy when I feel an injustice has been done. I wanted to rectify the situation and went about it the wrong way, I worked myself up. It was the comment of a classmate that made me need to leave for a minute. She said, "it's not that big a deal" and yeah, I guess the grade isn't. I still have an A, my grade in your class is still acceptable. To meet my goal this year I'll just have to do extra credit in my history class. What is a big deal, in my eyes, is the principle. And that is why I got so upset. I was crying because I was mad, but I didn't know ho to express myself. I am very bad at expressing myself.

I hope my point in this is clear. I know it probably isn't. I don't mean to come off as snarky.


Erin Woods


By description I assumed you wanted a description of the picture. It was a roller coaster, so I put that, and since I wanted to do better than a 70, I added that we were learning about centripetal force. That addition showed I knew that we were doing more than playing with hotwheels. Had I known that this smore was more of a lab report than a...poster(?) I would of put more information about our playing. I could of put something like;

We built mini roller coasters that were powered by inertia. To enable the car to go through a loop or two you have to make the starting point very high. The height your car starts at and the size of your loop(s) determines whether or not your car will go all the way around the loop.

Obviously, however, I did not understand that. Whether the lab report-ness of the smore was implied I do not know. I might of been talking with my partner about what exactly you wanted when you stated that-assuming it was stated.

Big image
Let's pretend the above roller coaster is the one my group made in class, since my technology isn't cooperating. Apparently that picture was worth 10 points, but the second picture we had (the one from online) was worth 30. I don't know if the extra picture brought my grade up or not, was that the picture that was required? I was under the impression we just needed a picture, source is null.
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The above is what we added to our smore in an attempt to go "above and beyond."

We put effort into our smore, we just didn't put it in the right place because we didn't know where to put it. I'm still not positive what you wanted.