Life in a Funhouse Mirror

by Gracie Jackson

Did you know . . .

Roughly one percent of Americans have body dysmorphic disorder. It normally begins during adolescence and is not diagnosed or treated until about 10 to 15 years later.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: undergoing many cosmetic procedures

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: extreme self-consciousness

SOCIAL SYMPTOMS: avoiding social situations, staying housebound

BEHAVIORAL SYMPTOMS: excessive grooming, constantly examining self in the mirror, comparing self to others, seeking reassurance about appearance from others

ADDITIONAL SYMPTOMS: thinking you have an abnormality or defect in your body, thinking other people look at your body in a negative way

Get Help

A local psychiatric and substance abuse treatment center is willing to help you. Summit Oaks Hospital has a psychiatric problem for adults, teens, AND children with BDD.

Famous People With BDD

Michael Jackson had BDD! He had undergone countless cosmetic procedures and even denied having them!


Ever heard of the show on television called "Botched"? Botched displayed many people with body dysmorphic disorder. Below are some pictures.