Climate Change

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Climate Change can Contribute to Human Rights Violation

Climate change violates Human Rights. It sounds weird, I know, but it also contributes to the people's rights. Climate Change violates the Right to Life and Security which is stated in article 3. It also violates the Right to Adequate Living Standard mentioned in article 25. These rights talk about people's security, life, and health. Climate change affects these three things. Climate change is a bad thing for the humans. According to, because of climate change, there will be more deaths, diseases, and an increase of natural disasters which will affect many people. As mentioned in, in 2013, the earth's surface temperature was 0.37 Celsius warmer than in the 20th century. In 2004, the whole world wasted 45.1 billion (in U.S dollars) to use clean energy while in 2014 , the whole world wasted 270.2 billion (in U.S dollars) to use clean energy. Also in 2014, China was the largest producer of CO2 emissions. According to, there has been an increase in sea level, decrease in Arctic ice, and again increase of natural disaster. Climate change affects the agriculture, energy, water supply, healthcare, plants, animals, ecosystems, forests, coastal areas, and recreation of people living by river basins, Africa, Asia and parts of the USA. This is causing a threat because there's higher temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter. There are changing landscapes, wild life at risks, increased risk of droughts, forest fires, floods, more heat related illnesses, and economic losses.

The Movement

There are organizations helping the issue of climate change. I'm going to focus more on three. They are, the Sierra Club, and Union of Concerned Scientists or also known as the UCS. is a website where activists in 189 countries help organize's local climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions. They have teamed up with many other organizations to help against the changing climate. The Sierra Club focuses more on the Keystone XL Pipeline since affects the climate negatively. They "guarantee that we're locked into the most carbon intensive fuel source on the planet for the next half century." The UCS is "responsible for groundbreaking research on sustainability standards for vehicles and the disastrous affects of climate change." In other words they focus more on the vehicles and the CO2 released by it. The US Army Corps of Engineers had arrested many members of the Sierra Club. John Muir was an individual who helped scientists climb up to the sierra mountains to explore for signs of climate change. is a site that people can visit to actually find or contact some activists that help against the climate change. contact info

Visit in order to contact any activist that can help you to also be a helper in stopping the climate change. You can also help to organize an action in your community.

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