Gender-Specific classes

Jillian Shepard

Gender- specific Classes: What are they and why are they bad?

One of the main debated topics that are discussed is gender- specific classes. Gender specific classes are so debated because it has been proven that girls and boys learn differently. Personally, I believe that gender- specific classes are a bad idea.

One reason I believe that gender- specific classes are a bad idea is because it could bring back the idea that men are superior to women. Boys and girls will be taught at a young age that men and women are separate and this will mean that they will continue to think that they are separate when they are adults. ACLU legal directer Doug Bonney says, "There is no evidence that there is no evidence that splitting up boys and girls works; in fact it is just increasing sexism."

Another reason that gender- specific classes are a bad idea is that women and men are starting to want to do "the other genders job". This is like men wanting to be nurses and women wanting to become an engineer. In classes however, because they are split up, the girls would be taught things like how to wash dishes and cook, and the boys would be taught how to build and fix things. Because they are being taught what is supposedly something that their specific gender would do, they are not being taught about what some of them are interested in.

One last reason that we should not have gender specific classes is that it will affect their communication. All of the children who have been in a gender- specific class would not know how to communicate with the other gender because they have only been with their gender for so long. Not knowing how to communicate with the other gender would lead to problems on a daily basis. The types of problems would be not knowing how to work together or even just as simple as not being able to talk to each other.

In conclusion, I think that gender specific classes are a dad idea. Even though their are also benefits to having gender- specific class rooms, the would also be a bad idea. In the future I hope that they don't have gender, specific classes.