What you can see if you look.

An Outdoor Flyer.

What I saw

When I looked outdoors today guess what? I saw a Robbin. Here are some notes I took:

  • There is 1 Robbin hopping among the grass. She is pecking at the dirt to find food.
  • She keeps looking up to see things. She moves very fast. She has lovely colors.
Another Robbin was also in the Garden. He was hiding in the briarpatch.
  • The one in the grass is trying to eat flowers.
  • Now two Robbins are in the grass. They are very pretty. They seem to enjoy the grass.
  • They are nearing the dead logs. They are very close to each other.
That was all I saw with the two Robbins before one flew away.

Robin Eating Worm - April 13, 2013

What I Also Saw

Guess what else I saw outside? Here are some notes to give you a clue:

  • The ----- are covered in beautiful green leaves. Some have brand new flower buds on them.
  • The ----- at the back of my yard are green with leaves.
That's right. You guessed it! Trees. And you can spot tons at this time of year.
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