The Bahamas

My summer getaway


I will be traveling to the Bahama islands on a plane with my friend Steele. It is 1,148 miles away so it will take 3 hours to get there.

Instresting facts

1. It is one of the best known tourist attractions in the world

2. The Bahaman dollar is the same as a U.S dollar

3. It is located just off the coast of florida

4. The bahamas is known as the Island of Fishing

4.The bahamas watch american cable

5.There are no liqior stores in the bahamas

6.There are 700 islands in the bahamas

7. They dont like you to touch the fruit at the fruit stands in the bahamas

8. Sundays are very quit most people are in their homes

9. Buses are like taxis there it is $1.25 for a single rider

10. Conche is the most popular seafood on the island


We will be staying for 6 days at Atlantis paradise island. I will need to pack the essentials clothes, phone, and some spending money.


At the bahamas i will go deep sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, and go swimming at the awesome water park that is located at my hotel. My destinantion has many things to offer, for one there are a lot of boats to go fishing with.


in all my trip is going to cost $2,328
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