Nile River

All about the Nile!



The Nile was a highway for the Egyptians. They used the nile for their everyday life. They needed boats to get across so they made some out of papyrus. If they needed to go South, they would use sail boats. They even had special boats for funnerals.


Their calander is divded into 3 seasons -inundation-emergence- harvest

Egyptian called their country Kemet-meaning black land

They grew onions,garlic, figs,pomegranates and gourds

Grapes were growen in the Nile delta and made in wine and rasins.

phisical features

The nile river is 4132 miles long. There are 2 cateracts going threw ancient eygept.

only river going north to south

6 cateracts on the nile

day life

bath in nile

build pools if rich

drank from nile