Valentines Dance

Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

Friday, Feb. 13th, 1:30pm

5601 Johnsontown Road

Louisville, KY

Get your Dancing Shoes on and Come in your Best Dress Attire!

This is a dress up day for fourth and fifth grade students. Students may wear dress clothes to school on this day. If students choose not to dress up, they will need to wear their school uniforms.

The following will NOT be permitted: hats, sweats, sandals, or other open toe shoes without tights. Jeans are allowed if they are "dressy" and do not have holes in them. T-shirts will be allowed if they are "dressy" and do not have holes in them. No inappropriate pictures or words on them. All shirts have to have sleeves. Shirts will need to be tucked in and belts need to be worn if pants have belt loops. If girls choose to wear dresses or skirts, they must be able to pass the flamingo test (see student handbook) and have no showing spaghetti straps. If these rules are not followed, parents will be contacted and asked to bring their child a uniform.


Mrs. Anderson and Ms. Boyd's Classes:
A package of 100% juice boxes or a package of bottled waters.

Ms. Davis, Ms. Horrell, and Mrs. Lickteig's Classes:
1 bag of pretzels.

Mr. Duncan. Ms. Mize, and Ms. Pruett's Classes:
1 box of fruit snacks.


** Remember, NO CANDY ALLOWED**