Mobile Learning Apps for Tablets


Evernote is a web-based note taking application that syncs between devices. It offers the option to handwrite, type,, or record notes, as well as create to-do lists and set reminders. PowerPoints and images can be incorporated into notes also.

Evernote can be used by students that prefer to take notes on a mobile device. The application allows for mobility and organization, which is especially helpful for students that have many classes or notes to keep track of.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a screencasting interactive whiteboard tool which gives users the ability to annotate slides and images. Annotations can be voice, text, or animation. The finished products are then able to be exported in a variety of file formats.

Explain Everything can be used by students to create projects outside the classroom. The system of Explain Everything allows for video, screens, and images to be captured all from the tablet. This gives students more ease of use and ability to streamline the creation of projects.


Socrative is a mobile assessment tool that allows teachers to test student understanding. The app offers True/False forms, End of Class Tickets, and Multiple Choice options.

Socrative can help students that would otherwise miss an assessment to participate electronically. This can open up the option for students to test their understanding, even if they can physically be in class.


Mindomo is a a digital mind-mapping tool. It can be used as a reminder/planner system, to study, or to build presentations.

Students can use Mindomo to organize their ideas about a subject to help them study. They can do this anywhere without needing to carry stacks of paper with them. All of their notes are safe in one place that they can easily access and organize.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a collaborative workspace that stores documents on their cloud. Google Drive keeps everything in one place, and easily allows for sharing of documents and synchronous work.

Students can use Google Drive to work together with their peers on projects. Real time updates to the document or presentation makes working together simple and without the need for sending multiple emails to share work.