Staff Update: September 18, 2014

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion

Kudos and Celebrations!

  • THANK YOU to the fabulous NFSI TAs: Cesar, Carmen, Kenia, Sandra, Maria and Leo. They are already establishing themselves as invaluable members of our school community- ¡muchísimas gracias!
  • High-fives to Leah Wieseler and Angie Sherwood for leading the NFSI staff learning this week!
  • HUGE GRATITUDE to Shelley Bealka, Jamie Holtz, Jim Glazer, Karen Mueller, and everyone who worked with MAP testing over this week! We had a few bumps and bruises, but we're now up and rolling due to all of your commitment and help!
  • Welcome to Donna Cavaluzzi, who is filling in as office support this week, while we work to permanently fill that position!
  • Thank you, Becky Schmidt, for facilitating our learning about AED and EPI pens!
  • Way to go, Kelly Fenske, Kate Fenske, Amanda Jensen, and Jodi Husting, who all joined the Crestview families at our first Crestview Wendy's Night this week. Thanks!
  • Kudos to Nancy Titus and the team of parents that are working to plan the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Crestview. They are putting together a great event!
  • And, and ENORMOUS THANK YOU to LouAnn Braun, who did an amazing job getting Kari Anderson's 3rd grade class up and running this fall. Awesome!

Crestview's 50th Anniversary Celebration

The 2014-15 school year marks 50 years of service as an education institution for the Crestview Elementary School building. Current and former administrators, staff members, students, families, and friends of Crestview Elementary are invited to join us for a celebration and opening of the time capsule (buried at the 25 year celebration) on Thursday, October 2, at 6 PM at 7830 80th St. S, Cottage Grove.

A new time capsule to be opened at the 75 year anniversary will be buried at the end of the current school year.

Two Action Items for Staff:

  1. If you are willing/interested in helping out with the 50th Celebration, please contact Nancy Titus and/or Jodi Husting. We could use your help!
  2. Please consider having your students make signs/posters to help us decorate for our celebration! (Thus far, only 2 classes have let me know they are willing to make posters!)

Roller Skating Info... Please Watch!

Roller-skating Directions for Teachers

P.S. Are you active? Send Katie Carter your picture!

Staff are invited to add 'active' photos to the growing wall of images in the main hallway across from the gym- send your photos to Katie!

Please Order Your Staff T-shirt Now!

Greetings SUPER STAFF!!

This is the staff t-shirt design for this school year! Thought it would be fun to keep with the district super hero theme. We are hoping EVERYONE will participate in ordering. Sample sizes are available in the media center if you are in doubt about what size to order. Shirt price is $16 (additional $1.50 for XXL) CASH ONLY. Shirt style, color and design are exact as shown (model NOT included!)

Please place cash in an envelope with your name and shirt size written on the front. Envelopes to Lori Wamstad (media center or media mailbox in office).

I am hoping to receive orders throughout this week and place the order on Monday, September 22. If you have any questions, just let Lori know!

Tips for scheduling a field trip

  • Field trips should enhance curriculum and be an extension of what is being taught in the classroom.
  • School Board guidelines suggest that parents should not be asked to fund more than two field trips during the course of a school year.
  • Students cannot be excluded from a field trip due to inability to pay; scholarship funds are available.
  • An alternate activity must be provided for students whose parents refuse to sign permission slips or who request students not participate.
  • Please check the SharePoint calendar for conflicting events prior to scheduling field trips. Field trips should be taken between 9 AM and 2 PM to take advantage of the best bus rates (outside these times may double the cost).

What teachers should do:

  • Communicate with the venue to schedule the trip; provide a copy of the contract with the venue to the office
  • Determine admission costs
  • Provide details to the office
  • Send home permission slips*
  • Collect fees and send to office daily
  • If students order a bag lunch, send those order forms to the office daily
  • Take all permission slips on the field trip
  • Pick up a medications bag in the health office on the day of the trip

What the office staff will do:
  • Determine individual cost for field trip (admission cost + transportation cost)
  • Request the bus
  • Provide permission slips to send home*
  • Provide a check off sheet and collection envelope
  • Notify Food Service and Specialists of field trip schedule
  • Health Office will prepare a medications bag if necessary
  • Deposit all fees and approve invoices for venue and transportation

Wondering which email list to use?

List-31 Licensed reaches all Nuevas licensed staff

List-32 Licensed reaches all Crestview licensed staff

List-32 Crestview reaches all staff members in the building, both Crestview and Nuevas Fronteras.

Next Week at a Glance:

Fourth grade has bus/door duty next week- THANK YOU!!!
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Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary Schools




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