University of Georgia

by: Cameron

Nickname/Mascot: Bulldogs

The Bulldog was the first ever made canine mascot. Till this date there have been 9 bulldogs that have carried the name of the school mascot. The name bulldog came in honor of Dan Magill, former Assistant Athletic Director for Public Relations and longtime tennis coach and sports information director. He had 3 bulldogs and only one was a male who became the first UGA mascot.


How 'Bout Them Dawgs


  1. 38 national championships overall
  2. Famous football stars like Champ Baily, Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford,Jake Scott, Charley Trippi, Fran Tarkenton, David Greene, David Pollack, Frank Sinkwich, Herschel Walker.
  3. Famous NBA Players like Dominique Wilkins, Damien Wilkins, Alec Kessler, Jarvis Hayes.
  4. Olympians like Kim Black, Sheila Taormina, Reid Patterson, and Kristy Kowal.
  5. They have won seven NCAA football national championships and 14 conference championships.


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What image does this school create.

UGA is trying creates a tough, strong minded feelings by the bulldog. The red and black create the collegiate look on the logo