by Tom O'Brien

The First Exodus

Many years ago, the Israelites were struggling in Egypt. The Pharaoh was keeping them as slaves and refused to let them go free. But then God sent the ten plagues. The Pharaoh still refused until the Passover when the Angel of Death killed every eldest child in Egyptian families. Then Pharaoh said the Israelites could go free.
The Israelites started to make their escape but couldn't get across the Red Sea. By then, the Pharaoh had changed his mind and was coming after the Israelites again. Moses put down his staff in front of the sea and parted it in two. Quickly, the Israelites ran across and got to the other side. The Pharaoh and his men were still coming after the though, so Moses put his staff down again and closed the sea, drowning the Egyptians. The Israelites were free, so they began searching for the promised land...

A Modern Day Exodus: Syria

Nearly 3 million Syrian refugees fled their country to escape the civil war going on there. In March 2011 protests began and refugees started to leave Syria. By July, hundreds of thousands of people were on the streets protesting. The Government responded with large-scale military operations and attacks. The refugees went to places like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt and North Africa to find safer places to live.
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