My Avid Journey So far !

Amy Lara 7th grade 1-14-15

How did I grow as a student this semester?..

I grew into a more respectful and confident student. Avid has really helped a lot. Not only did avid help me get more organize it has also helped me get more confidence.

Avid strategies that has helped me..

Cornell-notes is definitly something that has helped me be a better student because c-notes help study, stay more organize etc. TRF has helped me a lot this semester. TRF creates more confiedence to ask your classmates for help when you have a big test coming up. There is a lot of avid stradegies that will definitly help you.
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Public speaking in avid

Public speaking can be dificult for some students in avid. In order to be sucessful you have to know how to speak up and present your thoughts. Avid has helped students get more confidence to publicly speak. In Avid we had to tell the class our essay and it was dificult for the students who dont like speaking in front of an udience but now avid has help most kids that use to not be able to present.

Writting Skills

My writting skills has improve. Avid helps you write essays. Avid can and will improve your handawritting skills. Avid has helped me with my handwritting.
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Has avid help me grow into better student?

YES! Avid had really helped me become more intellegent. Avid helps you in so many ways. Avid will also create more responsiblity.

What Will I Do Next Semester To Continue To grow into these areas?

I will continue to keep my locker clean and organize. I will also make sure to turn in my TRF'S every tuesday and thursday. I will continue to make c-notes as my study guide . ill continue to do all avid stradegies because I know they will help in the future.