Tim Tebow

life as a leader


Tim Tebow is a importent man in the community, i will tell you about him.

birth and famly

Tim Tebow had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.Tim Tebow was born in august 14 1984.Tim Tebow was born with the Philippines.when they moved to America his uncle owned a place for orphans.tim Tebow was not supost to be born because his mom was sick.

childhood &education

Tim Tebow played football as a kid on there farm.tim tebow was home schooled on a farm.Tim Tebow`s favorite teacher was his mom.After he finished school he wold play sports.

collage &career

Tim Tebow played for the Florida gators.In collage tim Tebow invented the jump pass.Tim Tebow was one of Florida's best quarterbacks.


Tim Tebow won the hisman in 2007. Tim Tebow won 2 national championship games.Tim Tebow started the tim Tebow foundation to help orphans.

why is he a leader

Tim Tebow is a leader because he started the Tim Tebow foundation to help orphans.
Tim Tebow - Mini Biography


theas are the resons tim tebow is a importent man in the comutity