By: Ana Cabrera

Schools should start later in the morning?


When kids wake up in the morning they have a hard time getting out of there bed or they don't have time to even change. There have been scientist that have proved that a student should at least have 8-9 hours of sleep

5 reasons

What will happen if we start school later?

  • I believe if we started later on in the day we would have ore energy during school hours and listen to the teachers better without thinking when is out.
  • Student would have more time for students to study for test and homework.
  • We would get more sleep and won't have trouble falling asleep in class.

Counter argument

Doctors or adults have proven that its better to have more sleep during school so the child could more concentration on their studies without having so much stress.

What a Doctor or Scientist think?

Doctors have said that its healthier for a child to sleep more for at least 8 -9 hours a day. Most kids gets 6-7 hours of sleep a day because of all the studies and projects they have to do.