How To Stay Safe Online

For 11-13 Year Olds


There are many things that can happen if you be a plonker online. Seriously! Really bad things could happen! Things like anyone in the world knowing who you are, where you live and knowing all your secrets! Your house could get burgled! It sounds far-fetched but if anyone (Including criminals who could live right on your street) Know all your personal information, anything could happen! Thankfully, there are ways to report things, which will be explained later.

How To Prevent All That From Happening

You can do a lot of things to make sure nothing bad happens to you because of what you do online.

Strong Passwords-

Make your Password Strong! Use these tips to make sure nothing can come across your precious key to your private information.

A mix of Higher and Lower case letters

Throw some numbers into the mix

Blend in some Symbols like £$%&(){}[]#@/?!

Conjure up some special characters-♣♠♦◘ºÈ`þЧ♫■▼ôÐ▀─öÍ♪ But you ask, how do you type these in? It's easy. Hold down Alt and type in a combination of numbers on your number pad. However, Make sure you REMEMBER these combinations otherwise, bye-bye to your password.

On the topic of passwords, there is only one place you should keep your password; locked up in your brain! And also, the only person who you should know your password is you.

What to do in these situations:

If someone you don't know sends you a friend/follow request:

Decline and, if possible, report as spam.

If someone finds out your password:

Reset your password right away

If you get Cyberbullied

Report it-Don't deal with it on your own and don't keep it to yourself.

Things to look out for

The internet is changing every day, and new technology is making everything extremely advanced. While it can be fun, it can also be dangerous. For example, many people think that if they send pictures on Snapchat, it will vanish in a few seconds. So people are sending inappropriate or embarrassing things, thinking it will disappear in 5 seconds. But nothing disappears online. People can (And often do) screenshot Snaps and so they are permanent. If they post it on a public Facebook account, or even a private one, where people can still share photos, anyone in the world can see it, and there's no way it's getting off.

Also, if you have a phone, chances are, somewhere, your location is stored, If someone gets access to that, anyone could know where you are in an instant. New features on apps like Facebooks or Maps use your location, like 'Find Friends Nearby' or If you ask Siri to find the nearest restaurant. Did you know that everything you say to Siri is recorded, ananlysed and is stored for up to 2 years?

Reporting Things That Happen

If anything bad happens online, report it! Never deal with stuff on your own.

There's many places to report things that happen. Here is a list of websites you can visit to report things:

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