if I were The Giver

I would shared these following memories.

Memory of Sports

I have chosen sports because of the fact that sports has changed people and who they really are. Most people that play professional or not professional love to do what they do which is playing the sport they love. These people feel like they belong with the pride and joy towards their sport.
BBC London 2012 Olympic Montage

Memory of love

I chose love for this Memory because of the fact without love there will be no true feelings for the people in the world. Love is what makes us people and without true love us as humans would not be created over and over again. Love is pure, Love is painful, Love is sweet and Love is dreadful.

Memory of Colour

I've chosen this memory because of the fact that with out colour things would be boring and not livid. Colour in a wonderful thing in this world, i am saying this because each and every thing has a colour and it has a purpose for that colour. Most people in this world has a favourite colour, my favourite colour is green and i chose green as my favourite because of the fact that green represents nature and i love nature. Some of all nature is all green