2nd Grade News

May 21-27

A Note from Ms. Marshall

As the end of the year nears, things have started to get busy! A few things you may want to mark your calendar for are the following:

May 24- Poetry Slam at 11:15 am in the Library. We have been working on writing our own poetry for the last few weeks. Each child has made several poems, that have been written in their very own poetry anthology. Each child will get to pick their favorite poem they have written, and share it with the class. If you can, please join us in the library to hear your child recite their poem. We will have refreshments in the classroom afterwards!

May 31- Last Day of School. We will begin our day by walking over to Star Skate at 9:30am. We should arrive by 10 at the latest. We will stay there until 12, and will walk back to Monroe and have lunch. Permission slips went home last week!

**If your child has a summer birthday and you haven't already talked to me, and want to celebrate your child's birthday, let me know ASAP!**

This week will be our final week of homework.

My last day will be May 30th. I am not happy to miss the last day! My daughter is playing in a golf tournament that was scheduled before the teacher shutdown in April.

Ms. Kirk will be walking to Star Skate with my kids along with the other 2nd grade teachers.

I am planning my own treat and good bye time with the kids on Wednesday afternoon.

This Week in Class


We will continue working on Unit 9 in math, as well as do some review from this year. The concepts we will learn about this week are:

  • equal parts- halves, thirds, fourths
  • measurement to the half-inch
  • three-digit addition with regrouping
  • two-digit subtraction with regrouping

At home, please practice counting change, and getting change back with your child. This is an everyday skill that we are working on in class, and working on it at home, and in the "real world" could be very beneficial. Also, working on telling time with an analog clock, and asking questions like "What time will it be in two hours?" helps reinforce skills taught in class. As always, practice with addition and subtraction fact fluency. A good way to do this is through Xtra Math.


This weeks literacy concepts are:

  • Sound of the week: consonant + le syllables
  • Story Genre: Expository Text
  • Comprehension Skill: main idea and details
  • Comprehension Strategy: ideas
  • Grammar: adjectives that compare -er and -est
  • Mechanics: apostrophes with possessive nouns
  • Writing: narrative

Please continue to do Smarty Ants at home with your child. The skills your child learns in this program go right with what we learn in class. It really is a great tool, and on top of it, it is fun and engaging.

Spelling Words for the Week

1. lit

2. little

3. set

4. settle

5. rip

6. ripple

7. pad

8. paddle

9. middle

10. bubble

11. outside

12. replace

13. follow

14. listen

15. something

High Frequency Words for the Week

1. above

2. brother

3. follow

4. listen

5. month

6. soft

7. something

8. song

9. who's

10. wind

Specials for the Week






Classroom Snacks:

We have enough snacks to get us through Wednesday. Please send some if you haven't for May

Thank you for all the snacks you kept us stocked up. They are greatly appreciated! If you haven't sent in snack for May, please do so when you get a chance.

We can use some Clorox wipes. Please send some in if you can.

Dates to Remember

May 15- Sonic Night

May 24- Poetry Slam 11:15 in library

May 24- Yearbook Signing

May 28- No School- Memorial Day

May 31- Field Trip to Star Skate

May 31- Last Day of School

Ms. Marshall's Contact information

Phone: 405-366-5927

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