The Clayville Chroncile

May 2021 Edition

From the Desk of Mrs. Francis

Spring is upon us and we are down to the final two months of the school year. Our students have been working diligently to meet all of their goals! I am so impressed by their unrelenting commitment to learning during a challenging school year. It is important to keep up this momentum throughout May and June. Please continue to encourage your student to put their best effort into making each remaining school day count. Let's finish strong!

As such, I would like to give a well deserved shout out to our third, fourth, and fifth grade students who have been putting excellent effort into RICAS testing! As a reminder, RICAS and NGSA (science) testing continues into May.

I would also like to take the opportunity to give our teaching staff a much deserved shout out for their constant dedication to doing what's best for students. I look forward to celebrating our whole staff during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd through the 7th!

A friendly reminder, there are two professional development days this month. On May 13th there is no school for students as Eid al-Fitr is observed. On Monday, May 17th, staff will have professional development and students will distance learn. Materials for the distance learning day will be sent home the week before. Please be sure your child hands in their work completed on May 18th so they can be marked present for the distance learning day on May 17th.

We have a busy few months ahead. Please refer to the list of upcoming events below. We are excited to bring back our highly anticipated end of year events!

Warm Regards,

Courtney Francis

Announcements & Reminders

  • It is important that students adhere to appropriate school attire for the spring. As outlined in our handbook: Shoes with open toes, sandals, clogs, and flip-flops are not safe for the recess field, stairs and where objects could be dropped on children’s feet.
  • We are awaiting guidance from the RI Department of Health and RI Department of Education regarding end of year celebrations. More information to come.
  • District Policy requires all parents and school volunteers to maintain a current BCI check and to RENEW all BCI checks yearly prior to volunteering in classrooms/school or field trip activities. Please contact the school office if you are in need of a form.
  • The district has immediate openings for part time and full time bus monitors. Please call 647-4100 for an application.


The school year is coming to a close, the weather is getting nice, and the students are getting antsy. For parents, these last few weeks before summer can feel like a marathon, attempting to keep your children from completely checking out from the classroom mentally—without losing your own sanity. Looking for some fresh ideas? Here are five things parents can do at home to keep their children motivated in the classroom through the end of the school year.

1. Give in to the great outdoors

Once the air warms up and the sun comes out, the pull of the great outdoors is hard for all of us to ignore. Make a point of quenching your child’s thirst for time outside during the hours you have with him or her at home. Walk to the local park after school, sign him or her up for an outdoor sports league, take a weekend day trip to go hiking, or simply eat dinner in the backyard as a family. Any time you spend outside with your child will help manage his or her need to escape the indoors while he or she is busy learning in the classroom.

2. Ask questions

Contrary to what you may hear from your child, his or her time in the classroom is valuable right up to the last day of the school year. Teachers are racking their brains every bit as hard as you to keep students busy and learning during the final weeks of school. Help them out by making a concerted effort to get your child talking about that learning at home. Avoid the impulse to focus on upcoming summer activities or indulge in complaints, and ask your child about what the day’s lessons included. As always, express your own interest in those topics—enthusiasm for learning is infectious.

3. Maintain a routine

The days may be getting longer and summer activities may be getting started, but that’s not an excuse to disrupt the school year routine. Make a point of maintaining consistency in your child’s homework time, family mealtime, bedtime, wake-up time, and any other daily rituals you have. This will help keep your child in the mindset for school and improve his or her focus in the classroom right up to the last day of the school year.

4. Reflect on the year

For students, each school year is a distinct experience. As the school year is wrapping up, make it a priority to help your child reflect on all that he or she has learned and done in the classroom over the past nine months. Try having your child write a letter to his or her younger self from the start of the school year—what advice would he or she offer, what challenges can he or she expect, and what should he or she look forward to? This kind of reflection is a great way to get your child thinking about all the progress he or she has made throughout the year and motivate him or her to keep up the academic momentum.

5. Provide some incentive

Never underestimate the motivating power of a little reward. Think about different incentives you can offer your child for displaying continued effort and achievement at school during these final weeks. Maybe it’s an extra hour of TV time if he or she finishes all of the night’s homework before dinnertime or a special outing if he or she achieves a certain grade in a subject that has been challenging. Big or small, dangling a carrot can make a big difference in keeping your child engaged at the end of the school year.

Looking for an at-home program that can help you and your child set personalized learning goals and reward hard work with customized incentives? Study Island for Home provides state-standards aligned practice in core subjects with engaging activities and games that make learning fun. See it for yourself—start your free trial today!


Scituate Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year


●Children who will be five years old by September 1, 2021 are eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2021. The Scituate School Department requires registration for Kindergarten in Scituate.

●The registration for all three Scituate elementary schools is now digital and is live starting March 1, 2021.

●Parents of children scheduled to attend kindergarten this fall should contact the school of attendance so that a registration packet can be sent to you prior to the registration date.

Clayville School:

3 George Washington Highway, Clayville

Phone: 647-4115

Hope School:

391 North Road, Hope

Phone: 821-3651

North Scituate School:

46 Institute Lane, North Scituate

Phone: 647-4110

If you have a question regarding which school your child will attend based on your address, please contact the Scituate School Department at 401-647-4100. Be advised that the Scituate School Department reserves the right to selectively redistrict your child to another Scituate elementary school based on class size issues. In most years this involves a relatively small number of students.

Seeking Members for the Scituate Technology Committee

The Scituate School Department is looking for members of the Community to participate on the Technology Committee. The Committee will focus on rewriting the District long range plan to utilize Technology to enhance the Teaching and Learning for all Scituate students across the District. In addition, the Committee will seek to explore ways to enhance communications between District Administration and community members.

Click the link below to learn more!

Wanted: School Improvement Team Members

The School Improvement Team (SIT) has been reorganized state-wide as part of the recently adopted Educational Accountability Act. The SIT members will play an important role in helping make decisions for our school (i.e. budget, educational goals, etc.). The new changes/protocols must be in place by next school year. This year will serve as a transition.

Please email me ( directly if you are interested in serving on this important committee. Meetings will take place no less than quarterly. Thank you for your consideration.

Pawsitive Office Referrals

Clayville Wildcats continue to earn PAWsitive Office Referrals! It's a pleasure to recognize the many students who show a commitment to our Core Values!Take a look at our April recipients! Special thanks to Mrs. Theroux for the hand made masks!
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Grade Level Highlights!

PreK Dino Unit

During the month of April, Ms. Joslyn's PreK students participated in many dinosaurs-related activities. The students explored the how the dinosaurs lived and completed many science experiments! ~Ms. Joslyn
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Kindergarten: Plant Experts in the Making

What better way to learn about how plants grow than by planting our very own seeds! Over the next few weeks, kindergarteners will observe their tiny seeds and keep track of their progress in a planting journal. Stay tuned....sprouts coming soon! ~Ms. Radtke
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Grade 1: Plant Unit

First graders have started their plant research unit. Each student enjoyed planting sunflowers! We are very excited to watch them grow and continue to learn about the parts, life cycle, and needs of plants. ~Ms. Addessi
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Grades 2 and 3 Distance Learners: Don't Argue With Us!

Just a warning....don't try to argue with the 2nd and 3rd grade DL students! They are becoming experts at identifying, formulating, and supporting their points of view while completing their research projects on popular sports and community jobs. ~Mrs. La Rose
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Grade 4: US States

Grade 4 has begun their new informational and argument unit: US States. Recently students worked on picking their state and identifying important geographical features including Native American nations in their region! We're excited to learn more about US states as the weeks progress! ~Mrs. Cardarelli
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Grade 5 Hard at Work!

There is certainly a lot going on in room 1! Our fifth grade superstars have been working hard on ELA RICAS testing while still doing their best on the volume unit in math and studying Living Systems in science. ~Mrs. Boutiette
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Birthday Cards for WWII Vet!

Clayville students recently made birthday cards for Mr. Rimmler, a local WWII veteran! Our students' kid hearts shone through!
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Art Highlights!

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Secretary Appreciation Day!

Secretary Appreciation Day was April 21st and a great reminder that Mrs Reynolds is one of a kind and always brightens everyone's day! We are grateful for her dedication every day!

Special shout out to Ms. Doorley for her vital contributions to our office, as well!

School Nurse Appreciation Day!

We look forward to celebrating Mrs. Theroux on May 12th! Mrs. Theroux has truly gone above and beyond to keep us healthy and safe in school this year. Our school community is so thankful for her commitment and dedication to our students, staff, and families!

Thank you PTO for the RICAS Testing Treats!

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Upcoming Events!

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Spring Scholastic Book Fair!

Our Wildcat themed Spring Book Fair will be held IN PERSON (yay!) May 24th-28th. Students will be able to visit the book fair during school hours and parents will also have a chance to shop during an outdoor event. More details to come!

Field Day 2021!

Field Day is scheduled for June 10th. The rain date is June 11th. Mr. Ceprano is seeking parent volunteers. Please fill out the Google Form below if you are interested in volunteering!
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Scituate School Committee

The next Scituate School Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 4th. All members of the school community are encouraged to attend virtually. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Dates to Remember:

5/3-5/7: Teacher Appreciation Week!

5/3 & 5/4: DL RICAS (ELA)

5/5: Family Code Night @ 7:00 p.m.

5/5-5/6: Grade 5 Math RICAS

5/6: PTO Bandingo Event @ 6:00 p.m.

5/11-5/12: Grades 3/4 Math RICAS

5/13: Professional Development Day (No school for students)

5/17: Distance Learning / Professional Development Day

5/18 & 5/19: DL RICAS (math)

5/19 & 5/20: Grade 5 NGSA Testing

5/21: Grades 3/4 Patriots STEAM Field Trip (virtual)

5/24-5/28: Spring Scholastic Book Fair

5/27: Grade 5 Patriots STEAM Field Trip (virtual)

5/31: Memorial Day: No School

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