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Growth vs. Fixed mindset

Many people think that a fixed mindset is better than a growth mindset when it isn’t. A growth mindset is a mind that keeps growing while fixed mindset is one that stays with one decision and does not change its decision even if it is the bad decision. In a growth mindset, people believe that their smallest abilities can be made through dedication and hard work. This view creates a love of learning for new things in your life. Almost all great people have had these qualities. Teaching a growth mindset inspires people in all fields of business, education, and sports. It increases relationships. For example: in a fixed mindset, people believe their smallest qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed. They spend their time writing their intelligence or talent instead of developing them. For example: a growth mindset is one that takes you farther in life where a fixed mindset cuts you short. People with growth mindsets persevered to get where they are. People believe in fixed mindsets because it has some self-motivation, but when you have a growth mindset it gives you a great amount of self-motivation and inspiration.

The problem with a fixed mindset is that people can't learn new things because they are too stubborn. A fixed mindset is petty, or not important. On the other hand, a growth mindset is very important to succeed from your failures.For a fixed mindset to change into a growing mindset, it has to learn many new things. When you have a growth mindset, you are more likely to triumph in everything you do. The solution to get a growth mindset is…

  1. First start recognizing your failures.

  2. Then know that you can learn from your failures.

  3. After that, learn from your failures.

  4. Finally, you gain a growth mindset.

Those steps help recognize the way you can get a growth mindset. When you recognize your failures instead of ignoring them, you start getting a new mindset. After you do that, you aren't done. You have to believe you can do better in life. If you believe that, then you can accelerate more in life. If you can accelerate, then you can also achieve more than you already did. Once you learn from the failures, you can achieve a great, growth mindset.

Growth and fixed mindsets are very different. Growth mindsets are advanced compared to the simple and unchangeable fixed mindsets. Both of the mindsets are not alike at all. The growth mindset has perseverance and learns from failures. Fixed mindsets are stubborn and ignores failures. Fixed mindsets do not understand the importance of learning from their failures. Growth mindsets are much better for this reason.

Growth mindsets cause you to fix your mistakes. When they cause you to do that, you get to improve those mistakes and failures. When you have a fixed mindset, you are stubborn. So if you fail in something you will ignore it and it won’t bring you any good. If you have a growth mindset, you are willing to learn. If you fail, you will keep on trying and will not give up until you fix the mistake and will make sure that they won’t do it again. The thing that causes you to have a growth mindset is if you are willing to learn from mistakes. If you leave your mistakes alone then you have a fixed mindset.