The Story of U.S

by Maya Garg

November 8, 1620

It is early November and the cold sea winds bite at my face. It’ll be worth it I tell myself. My name is Anne Marie Jones and I am on this wretched boat along with my husband and some 300 others. Ever since the King proposed and installed the Church of England, life has been hell for those that want something other to be completely controlled religiously by the king. We made the decision to leave to escape persecution and hopefully be able to live a free, better life.

November 10, 1620

Two more days they tell us. But then again they said that two days ago on this never ending journey for peace. I’m ready to go to the New World. I am looking forward to the opportunity to build a new life. I hear about the land and the soil, so it should be easy to grow food. I brought some of my precious seeds, I hope this works.
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November 11, 1620

At last our prayers have been answered! We heard the call of arrival early in the dawn. The men were taken down to the below decks to do some professional business, while us women were left above the decks. They came up after some time telling us about this “Mayflower Compact” that they arranged. It is a set of rules that everyone is obligated to follow.

Once we got off the boat the first thing I noticed was the unbearable chill. The men from Jamestown told us that it was warm, yet it is like northern England. The men scoured looking for the small town of Jamestown but when they came back saying we had docked quite far from Jamestown I realized we were on our own.

Thanksgiving 1620

Alas thanksgiving has come. I am so thankful for being able to leave for religious freedom and to have God by my side. I have been working so hard these last few weeks here, making food along with the other women and tending to the fires the men built to save ourselves from the freezing weather. The men go out to gather wood to make homes and a church along with hunt for food. This winter is difficult but we will get through it, for god is with us, and I am thankful for that.

December 4, 1620

The cold is slowly killing us all slowly but surely, my husband John is doing everything he can to help, hunting and gathering wood. Many homes have been built and at sunset everybody gathers for dinner which the women make. We are trying are best to get through this. I just wish we were more prepared.
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February 12, 1621

After a long time I have found time to record my travels in this little notebook, I fear this may be one of the last. The ground is covered in snow and everybody is stuck in their homes with a fire in the corner pit in each house. We are all starving and no one has had a meal for days. It is slowly melting but I know when it does the first thing to be gathered will be food.

May 6,1621

Life has been better than it originally was. There is food, shelter, and even clothing. A new group has arrived, prepared and stocked up with goods because dear John went back to England to get supplies and people. Things are better now and God is there for me. I can pray whenever I'd like. I am about to have my first child and I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. Life is good.