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Canada has fantastic parts! It has several natural regions they are Appellations, The Great lakes, St. Lowence Lowland, and the Canadian Shield. The Appallations are farthest east, and the Canadian Shield is western.More than 8% of Canada is covered in water. The Hudson Bay is the most popular LAKE IN CANADA. There is another region in Canada its called the Interior Plains which separates the US and Canada.
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wild life

The Brown Bears that live in Canada are very wild and aggressive, they have been known to attack Canadians almost every single year. But it's not all their fault, 627 out of 639 KNOWN deaths are caused by humans making the bears mad. Bears are also Omnivourous, they eat plants and animals such as Grass Berries Sedges Fungi Mosses Roots Nuts Fruits Honey Insects Birds and Fish.They eat a lot of food. Brown Bears habitats are in Forests and Mountains. They also live in Tundras Alpine Meadows and Coastlines.
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canada suvival

When you have no supplies to light a fire,lighter fluid, matches,paper use friction to ignite wood. Find a piece of any small, dry, dead wood and peel off the bark completely so that the inside bark is exposed. Set the bark on the ground between your feet so that the exposed bark is facing up. Find a twig or small stick preferably with an even end that is also a little rough or bulbous. It should be about the size of a pencil and the straighter the better. Remove any excess branches off your stick. Place the stick between both your hands with flat palms against each other and rub back and forth like you’re washing your hands. The stick should spin back and forth between the same spot in your hands. The bottom of the stick should be touching the exposed bark of the wood at your feet and continually pivoting (or circling) in the same spot to cause the friction there to burn. Rub back and forth for a few minutes until the sticks starts smoking and eventually burning. Gradually keep adding small sticks and then increase sticks in size as you build up the fire.

things you should put in a first aid kit

* Bandages

* Non-Stick Gauze Pads

* Tape

* Flashlight

* rope

suvival means to survive


The Cessna 406 is a famous two seater plane. It has two twin turbos. It is used in Canada. Its speed is 263 mph.It weighs 5033 lbs. It has a 49 feet wingspand.