10 Rules to Live By

By: Jennifer Guzman

San Francisco

If I have the chance to do something in San Francisco that I can do in San Diego, Phoenix or Yuma. San Francisco is where it will happen. I find almost everything in San Francisco so artistically beautiful and unique, that I refuse to ever let an opportunity to go there slide.

Support a cause

Words To Live By.

I feel as if this quote is a very important subject to realize. Be a friendly and caring person for unselfish reasons. The sun won't stop coming up every morning because not enough people are watching the morning set, and someone shouldn't stop helping and caring for people if they don't get publicly acknowledged for it. Long story short, being sincere is one of the best things a human could be.

"I don’t really have a slogan, per say, but I think people should be nicer to each other. I think bands should be nicer to each other. I think everybody should be nicer to each other. There you are. Be nice."

— Brandon Flowers

A Day To Remember - All I Want

This Song

means a lot to me because I catch the message that Jeremy Mckinnon (lead singer/writer) wrote during this song. In brief, it's about coping with difficult situations with music. As well as wanting to have a name for yourself, setting goals to accomplish this, and always being there for people when they need help. All of which I can easily relate to. As well as people can use as their motto's or a "commandment" setting goals and not letting anything stop you. Dealing with the bumps in the road with healthy methods.

“Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow directions and sometimes we end up totally lost.” -Alex Gaskarth

We'll All Be

Lyrics from "We'll All Be" from The Maine. An indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

The quote is meant to inspire, no matter how much you've been hurt you should always take it as a lesson and become stronger. Everyone can overcome anything, and become strong.