The Problem With WWI

By: Paul

Dear Author,

This war was the most painful war in history. How can you be saying how patriotic it is to join the war when most will die quickly after joining. If you are going to talk about the war then you should speak the truth. This war is killing people by the millions, and you should not write about it being the best thing for your country. Dieing for your country is not the way to support and should be written telling the truth.

The War in Trenches

Trench warfare was the most brutal kind of war in history. The reason this is the worst war in history is due to the variety of deaths ranging from being shot to passing away because of horrible deceases. Some who died were lucky be be killed quick by being shot, others were not so lucky. The soldiers were living in such harsh conditions that they were suffering from things like trench foot, colds, and some even drowned when it rained.