Excel: A Guide On Its Components

By Rodney Caldwell

A Breakdown of Excel and it's Features

To start off, Excel is essentially a spreadsheet with rows and columns able to perform tedious task, such as graphing, or creating a budget, without any hard work needed. It is when you go deeper into understanding Excel you discover it's amazing features. Excel is able to solve math problems, store functions, and TRANSPOSE!


Excel Documents are created with numerous amounts of rows and columns on the page. It has the same dynamics of Word, but its functions would do different things. For example, when looking at the ribbon there are different tabs. If you were to click on the insert tab in Excel, it would contains different graphs and charts. Excel also allows survey charts instead of just graphs, like Word.

Guaranteed accessible and to make a spreadsheet or chart a step above the rest

How To make a Basic Spreadsheet in Excel

How to use an excel spreadsheet to total a sum

1) Click on your Excel icon, whether on your desktop or start menu

2) When opening the program, make sure to save you spreadsheet to some sort of device, like a cloud

3) Click on the vertical columns first cell, which is A1, and enter what items are being totaled and in B2 cost for all the items

4) After entering all data, label the last A column cell as Total

5) Then highlight all the cost of the items and in the corresponding B cell, enter in the formula =Sum(B2:B4)

6) Clicking in another cell will then cause Excel to calculate and place the total sum of all the items in the formula cell

7) Save Document at desired location

Is Excel For You?

Excel has a lot of Essential tools all wrapped into one program. It allows the user to fully understand what was gathered from the data collected and help convey it to others. Excel can be easily understood once the fundamentals are learned, making its abilities transparent and extremely user-friendly. I would recommend Excel for work, home, and school lifestyles because it can help organize those in a walks of life.
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