Nancy - Uranus

Outter Planet

Symbol of MY PLANET

The Greek people made up the symbol.
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How Uranus got its name

William Herschel discovery was after king George the third,but instead he named it Uranus,and got it from a Greek god of the sky.

How Uranus was discovered

In1781 a astronomer named William Herschel discoverd Uranus.

What Uranus looks like

It has rings around it and it lays on it's side,so it kind of looks like a oval.Also itis baby blue.Uranus also is the seventh planet inthe Solar System,so you can just count the planets in something that the planet is in or said in.

Distances of Uranus

Order of the Sun:7th planet

Distance from the sun in AU:19.3 AU

in km:3 billion km

Distance from the Earth in AU:19.2 AU

in km:2.6 billion km

Orbit around the sun from Uranus

Number of days to orbit around the sun:30,684 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):17.2 Hours

Water forms on Uranus

It has water in the inside of the planet.

Weather on Uranus

Uranus has bad storms like:thundrestorms ,hurrican,and rain.Good thing no one lives there because they won't live.

Rings and Satellites on Uranus

It is made out of black dust ,large rocks,and some ice crystles and only one ring.

Exploration to Uranus

Voyager 2 was the one who found Uranus and the only spacecraft.It gaved us details of boiling water for 800 km below.It also discovered 10 moons and 2 rings.

Human Colony on Uranus

No,because it is vary cold over there.It is so cold that it is -200 'C,

Picture of Uranus

It is very cold and it is very blue.
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Atmosphere and Average Temperature of Uranus?

The Atmosphere of Uranus is hydrogen,helium,and methane.Also the Average Tempature in Uranus is -300'F and -184'C