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Week of October 14th - 18th, 2019

Shoring up small group instruction - meeting our school improvement goals/student needs

As we have discussed, we will be focusing on increasing ILEARN student achievement for students with an IEP and improving our overall student attendance throughout the building as our school improvement plan goals (SIP) this year. Leadership will be sharing all of the nitty gritty details with you soon!

We will be fine tuning many strategies and adding some others to help us meet these goals. For starters, we just experienced a fantastic PD on the importance of read alouds and mentor text in our daily instruction. For some of us, this was a great refresher and for others, this was new material. As Deaneen showed you, both read alouds and mentor text provide modeling of our own thinking as we read and write and assist in the gradual release model. As a school, we will be taking advantage of the already put together read aloud/mentor text tubs of complex picture books/bookmarks to assist in our instruction.

Another area we will be fine tuning is small group instruction. Leadership discussed the best ways to support growth in small group instruction. This week and next week, teachers will receive primary/intermediate PD support on small group instruction in reading. The next step to support this initiative is to provide small group instruction through modeling in the classroom and then follow-up support to provide feedback. We have created a modeling/follow-up visit schedule to meet these needs! Deaneen will come into each classroom and model small group reading instruction. She will then follow-up with each teacher to provide support and feedback. This modeling/feedback implementation will allow all of us to grow as instructors and provide more effective small group instruction for all of our students. This modeling will start in November, the schedule is below. Here is the information that you will need to provide Deaneen at least two weeks prior to her modeling:

1. The name of the book you would like her to teach.

2. Reading level of the group of students she will be modeling with, their names and how

many in that group.

3. Any specific strategies you would like to learn more about.

Deaneen will meet with you prior to coming into your classroom and modeling. I am so excited that we can provide this type of support to everyone! It is a great reminder/refresher for some of us and new learning for others!

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Staff Shout Outs.............

From Mrs. Hardin:

I would like to give a shout out to Ms. D! We were in a pinch on Thursday. She stepped in and took our kids a few minutes early to Gym to help her set up so I could attend a meeting. THANK YOU more than you know!!!

From Ms. D:

Thank you all for helping me with a "double" gym class on a Friday!

From Cory:

Teachers and IA's - Thank you for doing such an amazing job all day, everyday!!!!

Keeley - The book cart is such a wonderful idea!!!!

Also to add to this - Mayor Handshoe stopped me the other day and told me that the book cart was such a great thing and if we ever needed some funding to continue it, to reach out to her!!!! great job Keeley!!!!

Laura - You Rock! Thank you for the laughs and supports at the copier.

From Stephanie:

Thank you to all North Side staff - you put children first every single day which is hard to do when we are all dealing with our own "stuff" outside of school. You file away your own personal life situations and put a smile on your face and meet the student's needs each and every day we are in school (and even out of school)! Our students are very lucky to have you!

Thank you PTO and NS staff who came to work early on Wednesday to help set up and provide a great "Donuts with Dad or Someone Special" for our students!

"Nothing can stop anyone who has a love and passion about their work." - Jerry Lewis -

Week of October 14th - 18th:

Monday, October 14th:

PD: K-2 - Effective small group instruction (library); 3-5 - ILEARN/Writing and more (Kacee's room)

10 a.m. - Stephanie @ JA Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 15th:

***Fundraiser orders/money due to office***

9-11:30 a.m. - Vision Screening for required grades

3 p.m. - Leadership Meeting (Stephanie's office)

Wednesday, October 16th:

3 p.m. - Student Council Meeting

3:30 p.m. - District Insurance Meeting in Library

Thursday, October 17th:

10 a.m. - Earthquake Drill

3 p.m. - Robotics Practice

3:30-7:30 p.m. - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 18th:

October 21st - 25th: RED RIBBON WEEK, See attachment for activities

Monday, October 21st:

PD: K-2 - ILEARN and Writing (Erin's room); 3-5 - Effective Small Group Instruction (Library); Sped collaboration (conference room)

10 a.m. - Stephanie @ Meeting with JA

3 p.m. - Star Club Meeting

Tuesday, October 22nd:

*Lab work for staff who signed up

8:30 a.m. - Admin Meeting (Stephanie and Jamie)

3 p.m. - PBIS Team Meeting

6 p.m. - NEHS Induction Ceremony

Wednesday, October 23rd:

1 p.m. - Staffing @ AV (Stephanie and Melissa)

6 p.m. - Board Meeting

Thursday, October 24th:

7:30 a.m. - Parent Meeting (Stephanie, Kelly K., Anita, Carol, Tami)

*5th Graders go to Camp Potawatomi*

3 p.m. - Robotics practice

Friday, October 25th:

PTO Box Top Contest Ends

*5th graders return from Camp*

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