Cherisse Neale

Just the FACTS about me

Hi there. I'm Cherisse Krystal Neale, and I'm here to tell you about ME. Well to start with, I was born on March 16, 2002 in Brooklyn,New York,While my baby sister, Destiny, was born in Duluth, GA, one of my half-sisters Felicia, was born in Brooklyn, New York, same as me, while the rest of my family was born on a small place called St. Kitts and Nevis. I was actually born 10 pounds and 3 ounces, surprisingly, and born at 4:31:14 PM. I also love the color yellow! Anyways, while I was growing up, in kindergarten, that's when I realized my love for gymnastics and cheer leading! I was also going to Nesbitt Elementary, but I moved. So, for 1-4 grade, I was going to Beaver Ridge Elementary. But then my baby sister came so, we moved into a house for bigger space. So now this is my first and last year of White Oak Elementary, but I'm going to Lanier Middle School. While Easter is going on, we always go to my mom's friend's house with other random people to celebrate. We always do an Easter egg hunt, win some candy! :D During the summer, my older half-sister comes to visit. We usually play games, Kinect, computer, ect. My family goes on vacation every summer to water rides and everything. It's so fun! Every Fourth of July, we always go to Game Stop to sit in the back of my dad's car, and watch the fireworks at night. We always go at least 1 or 2 hours before the fireworks. During Thanksgiving, my family always has a feast. Instead of turkey, we use ham. During Christmas, me and my older sister, Shaneika, we usually just help set up a Christmas tree and sometimes help make the Christmas feast. Sometimes I'm too lazy to help. On Christmas day, we invite our friends over for the feast. That's usually my year, every year.

What happened that day....

That day....

I remember on March 15, 2006, when I went to dinner with excitement. "Calm down, you're not meeting the Queen of England." my sister, Shaneika, said.

"I think she knows she's not. If you were listening to her screaming and singing all day, it's her birthday tomorrow" my other sister, Felicia, recalled.

After dinner, my mom tucked me in, while giving my my strawberry juice. "Goodnight," my mom to me, Felicia, and Shaneika.

The next day I brushed my teeth, then, I jumped on my parents bed, and screamed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" my parents to get mad, but they won't get mad on my birthday. So, they made me a waffle syrup breakfast and bacon at the side. "OOO, my favorite! Thank you!" I said while drinking my apple juice. At 9:00 AM, I went to my babysitter's house, Mary, and she was the nicest person ever. my birthday party at her house. Everyone that she babysat, Alexis, Eric, me, Felicia, Shaneika, and my parents(she babysat them). My mom left to get the cake while I stayed and played dolls with everyone but my dad and Mary. At 2:00 PM, the party started. My mom was back with the cake, Mary ordered pizza, and my dad brought Orange Fanta. Once everything was set up, everyone put on their party hats, except for me. I had to put on this super cute, white fur crown that said 'Princess' on it. The first thing we did was put on music, then we played video games,then we played a lot of board games. After all the fun was token out of us, it was food time!!!! So the first thing we ate was pepperoni pizza with hot wings(yum) then we went to the cake. O-M-G.. it was DORA! I LOVED DORA when I WAS 4!! I got to the the first piece!! Well, of course it's chocolate with vanilla icing. After we had the cake, I continued playing dolls with my sisters and Alex. At 8:00 PM, I had to leave.

I was so sleepy and partied out when I got home. I drank my strawberry milk, and went straight to bed. I even forgot about brushing my teeth. That was my day, everyday.

Its so Important!

My important stuff facts

Well, now you know about my year and that day, but I bet you don't know WHY I chose that year, don't you? Well, I chose this year for 2 reasons. The first reason is, this was the best birthday party I ever had. I didn't have any other birthday like this. I'm like, sure, I went to Dave&Busters and had some cake maybe, but that year was the best. But the sad thing is, we can't find our babysitter, so now we can't have a party like that. Maybe until we find a new one. We won't have a party like that in a while. My second reason was the summer. Me, my mom, my dad, Shaneika, and Felicia, went to Flordia, and went to Disney World, I was so excited but it was a lot of walking. I'm not even kidding. Another reason was Christmas. Felicia was there again(so was Shaneika) and we were so excited, we got up at 6 AM, made our bed, brushed our teeth and went into the living room. I got The Game of Life game board, some candy, Monsters Inc. game for XBOX 360, and a whole new set of headphones, but I lost it during the move. I was so excited, but when we left, I left with excitement. Well, it turned out to be 3 reasons, my bad! Thanks for reading my site! Now you know a lot about the year 2006 for me. Exciting, huh? Right. right, right??!??!?