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You are the first to know that MBCUE is partnering with the DigCit Institute to offer a DigCit Summit in Monterey County on May 18th. Registration, call for presenters, and community partnerships will be coming soon so be on the lookout and visit: for more up to date details.
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Call to Action for #MBCUE committees!

We would also like to thank everyone who threw their hat in the ring. Even if this wasn’t your year, we hope you keep us in mind in the future because elections are held annually.

Besides being on the board, we also have some wonderful opportunities to still make a difference in our region. We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on our Student Powered Earth Day Film Festival sub-committee, as well as the sub-committee for our upcoming conference on Digital Citizenship. These are great ways to get involved. If this sparks your interest, please contact us at


Board Meeting Minutes

Monterey Bay CUE


December 5, 2018

A meeting of the Board of Directors (“the “Board”) of Monterey Bay CUE, a non-profit organization (the “Organization”), was held on November 29, 2018 (Pacific Standard Time) at Jonathan Green’s residence.

Directors Present:

  • Ben Cogswell

  • Carrie Sebora

  • Jonathan Green

  • Jen Rodgers

  • Cynthia Lipsig

  • Jen Ghastin

Directors Absent:

  • Paul Dietrich

  • Miguel Ocampo


This meeting started with a “Getting To Know You” for our new Board Members. Board members and their respective roles were described.


DigCit Summit

The date is set for May 18th, 2019, and we’re currently looking for a venue to host DigCit Summit Monterey California. One of the advantages of holding the event at a local school is that we’d potentially have more of a turnout from students and parents.

DigCit Summit isn’t just for teachers - it’s for students and parents too! The following are some ideas for Pricing, Sponsorship Tiers and Strands:


  • $25 until January, 2019

  • $30 until April, 2019

  • $35 until May, 2019

  • Family Pass - $50

  • Students - $10

  • 10 years old and under - Free


  • $1,000 - Originator

  • $500 - Producer

  • $100 - Contributor


At the moment, there are three strands in discussion: Educator, Family and Student. The Educator Strand would incorporate Common Sense Curriculum; the Family Strand would incorporate PTA and CABE topics, and the Student strand is still in the works.

Student Powered Film Festival

Details of the Film Festival will be discussed at our next meeting. At the moment, the event is set to be held on April 23rd, 2019. Our set up time will be at 5pm, and the event will take place from 6-8pm.

Next steps include looking into companies to obtain event liability insurance and sending out notices to schools and social media.

Maya Cinemas has confirmed to be the hosting venue for our 2nd Annual Student Powered Film Festival, and now we must look to last year’s sponsors (and new sponsors) to determine if they are interested in supporting our event once again.

Report of the Treasurer

We are close to getting signing access to the Comerica account. The current account balance is anticipated to be at $6,296.46 - this needs to be verified.

Board Motions

Communications Chair Discussion

Motion: Cynthia and Jen Rodgers to be Co-Chairs for Communications

1st: Jen Rodgers

2nd: Carrie Sebora


Yes - 6

No - 0

Abstain - 0

Pop Up Banner

Motion: Spend $100 on a pop up banner if balance is more than $5,500

1st: Carrie Sebora

2nd: Jen Ghastin


Yes - 6

No - 0

Abstain - 0

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Dietrich, Recording Secretary

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