Innovation Center

November 2018


  • Beanstack is a new app available for our students to track their independent reading minutes. To access Beanstack, visit It's Learning (Core LMS) and click on the Beanstack app. There is also a Beanstack app available for mobile devices. Escambia County School District is embarking on a 3,000,000 minute reading challenge this school year, and Beanstack is an easy way to track students' reading. Teachers may decide to log the minutes for their students, or they may allow students to track their reading minutes on their own. Students can also write book reviews and earn virtual badges in Beanstack. Classes have already been loaded in Beanstack and is available for use now. More information regarding the use of the program is forthcoming. Let Ms. Ratliff if you have any questions about how to track students' reading in Beanstack.

Innovation Center Highlights

  • The Innovation Center has been awarded a Community Grant from Walmart. Is there certain technology that you would like to see in the innovation center? Let Ms. Ratliff know before funds are spent!
  • Ms. Loerch's class learned how to use Adobe Spark and made book talks with the video software. After students watched the videos, they enjoyed an edible version of the book that they read in class-- Jackie's Wild Seattle.
  • Students from Ms. McKenzie's class have begun to work on the StoryCorps project that was funded by the Cox Innovation Grant. Students will be looking for teachers and administrators to interview for the first phase of the project if you are interested.

Shelf Awareness

What's new on the shelves?
  • 548 new books have been added to the library collection this year, and many more will be added by the end of the second quarter. Wonder by R.J. Palacio is the latest class set to be added to the library collection.
  • Genre Spotlight: There will be a display each month highlighting a different genre in the innovation center. This month's spotlight is historical fiction and December's spotlight will be fantasy books.
  • Are students enjoying Q2 book club books? There are sequels to the books Eureka Key and Surrender the Key as well as other books in the Wings of Fire and Middle School series. Available for check out in the innovation center!

Future Launches

  • December 3rd-7th is Computer Science Education Week. There will be opportunities for students to code different games at This year's new games include Dance Party and App Lab. Students can code different dance moves for their characters in Dance Party. In App Lab, students will learn how to create their own app in JavaScript. Contact Ms. Ratliff with questions or to sign up for a time during that week to bring your class.
  • December 12th will be the day of the next Facebook Live with H.M. Bouman who authored the SSYRA book A Crack in the Sea. This book is a historical fantasy containing three interwoven adventurous stories taking place on the high seas.
  • Overdue notices will be placed in ELA teachers' boxes in December. Please remind students to return books to either the innovation center book return or the mobile book return outside the dean's office.
Innovation Center Student Sign In/Out List

New electronic sign in/out method for students: Check to see if your students signed in & out of the innovation center!

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"The libraries of America are and must ever remain the home of free inquiring minds." --Dwight D. Eisenhower