Should people be able to clone humans?

Background Info

  • Clones are organisms that have identical genetic material.
  • Can happen naturally.
  • Some feel that it's wrong to remake humans or any living being.
  • Takes time.
  • Costs a lot of money.

More Background Info

  • Dolly the sheep was the first successfully cloned mammal in 1996.
  • She died after 6 years to a lung disease .
  • It could be possible that the cloning caused the lung disease but the scientist says that Dolly being a clone had nothing to do with her death.
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  • Bring your best friend back to life, technically(Pet).
  • Bring back an extinct species.
  • Cure diseases and bacteria.
  • Use a clone to test on.


  • The clone could have health issues.
  • The species that is brought back has to adapt to a new environment.
  • Humans and any other organism could be in danger with new species on Earth.
  • Some people might take cloning too far.
  • Some feel like the people that are cloning are trying to take the role of God.

Extra Info

  • Cloned animals are usually not identical in physical appearance and behavior to the donor animal.
  • Impossible to raise a cloned animal in exactly the same conditions as the donor.
  • Many examples of clones exist in nature.
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I believe that cloning is alright to an extant. Sometimes, cloning can get out of hand. For example, some just clone to kill. Like for harvest able reasons. Others use clones to test on which is alright on some levels. Cloning an endangered or extincted species could help in the science community. Somebody already brought back one extinct species. In conclusion, cloning is alright to an extant, but it can go too far.


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