Emerging Technologies Presentation

Makayla Pawlicki

Technology Information

The purpose of Notability is to make note taking easier and more engaging. Notability is an APP that cane downloaded on to any Apple or Android device. The user can combine handwriting, photos, and typing to bring projects to life. They can add as much detail as they would like using different colors and fonts. You can also record voice using this device and transfer that recording into notes.

Suggestions on use in the Classroom

  • Write notes to give to students who are absent, in a way electronic way that can be sent to them
  • Record lessons or lectures for later use for both students and yourself
  • Easily assess students engagement in the lesson
  • Used on an Ipad/touch screen device

Benefits for students with Disabilities

  • Processing Disorders: Notability records voices, this would be very useful for students with processing disorders because it would allow them to listen to a lesson more than once, and let them stop, rewind, or fast forward to parts.
  • Reading/Vision Disability: Notability allows the option to change the page color. This would be a cheap and easy way for students who have difficulty reading or writing because the white hurts their eyes. All colors are available in the page change, and the brightness can be adjusted for students eyes
  • Writing Disability: a new version of notability is coming out where it will interpret hand written notes into typed text. Currently on the APP, Notability allows notes to be written as well as typed (or both) depending on the preference of the student
  • Other: This App may also be helpful for students with ADD, attention deficits, taking notes will focus their attention to what the teacher is saying, they can also record a lesson to refer back to later.

This tool can help students to reach their goals with a simple fix. Some students need extra assistance during instruction, and Notability can help with that.

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